Who are we?

SBSM is a proven social media agency working for multinational firms and government institutions since 2015 in the Spanish speaking world.

We will help you approach the Hispanic community (13% of the market) in the US.

We believe the power of social media relies on creating influence and shaping perception.

We combine the emotional side of language and hard data to bring you the best analytics and in depth knowledge of the Spanish speaking market in the US.


We offer:

  • 4-year experience in social media management in Spanish language.

  • Expertise in transcreation from English to Spanish

  • Culturally aware of slang and idioms in Spanish.

  • A tailored social media strategy in Spanish for the US market.

  • Ads management in Spanish

  • Community management services in Spanish

  • A Crisis Plan, just in case you need it

  • Influencer campaigns and management

  • Data driven insights and results

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