Numeralia: Spanish in the US

  • There are at least 41 million native Spanish speakers in the US (not counting people that learned Spanish) 

  • In Texas alone 29.5% of total population speaks Spanish making up 7.4 million Spanish speakers.

  • In California there are 10.4 million Spanish speakers.

  • There are 790,000 students enrolled at US universities learning Spanish. 

  • In 2050 the US will become the largest Spanish speaking country in the world.

  • A majority, 60%, of  second-generation Hispanic Americans speak Spanish at home.

  • Hispanics have a purchase power of 1.7 trillion.

  • California’s first constitution was written in Spanish then translated into English. Not anymore, though.

  • Nuevo Mexico still publishes its State laws in both Spanish and English. Today, ironically, 26.9% Californians and 26.2% New Mexicans speak Spanish.  

  • Spanish was the first European language spoken in the modern US territory in 1565. 

  • Population speaking Spanish in New York is 14.1% and 12.4% in Illinois.

  • Today 29.1%Texans and 19% Floridians speak Spanish. 

  • From 1920 to 1930 one million Mexicans migrated into the US.

  • 49.4% of students of foreing languages in US universities study Spanish. French is second with 12.7% of students.

Comparison check point: 20.6% of Canadians (7 million) speak French, while all national businesses have bilingual websites and social media channels.  

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